Read "The New Action Selling" book and learn a selling system that will change your career. Description. Action Selling 5-Book Pack. The complete set of Action Selling sales books listed below are conveniently packaged as a 5-book series. Other Sellers on site. Selling Your Price: How to Escape the Race to the Bargain Basement by Duane Sparks Paperback $ Action Selling Audio Book CD (Action Selling: How to sell like a professional,.

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    Action Selling Book

    "Action Selling: How to Sell Like a Professional, Even if You Think You Are One" is the first book in the Action Selling Book Series. Told in a unique story format. Action Selling: How to Sell Like a Professional, Even If You Think You Are One (Audible Audio Edition): Duane Sparks, The Sales Board: Books. The New Action Selling book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Action Selling: How to Sell Like a Professional, Even if.

    A goal that we set for ourselves to gain agreement for the customer that moves the sales process forward. Establishing a Commitment Objective takes place before the curtain rises on the actual drama — before the interaction with the client begins. Great listeners ask great questions, take careful notes, and then summarize what they have heard. It allows you to identify and clarify the best targets to aim at when you present your company and product — the needs that let you differentiate yourself from competitors by selling a solution, not a commodity. It enables you to leverage the emotional side of the downloading decision by further zeroing in on high-yield needs — the ones that have the greatest personal urgency to the client. It allows you to sell strategically, and to adjust your Commitment Objective so that you can keep the process moving forward with the right people and at the right pace. To help — this process identify the feature if product, benefit, need and then note relevant questions and also leverage questions. Tie — Back — connect to an agreed upon need Feature — What is it? Benefit — What will it do for the customer? Reaction — How does the customer perceive this as a solution? At the end of Act 6 ask Do you have any questions? If they say No — head for the price If they say Yes — head back to Act 3. No plan 2. No procedure 3. Missed Opportunities.

    Sparks is author of five sales books.

    Most recently, he revised and updated his first book in the Action Selling Book Series: How to sell like a professional, even if you think you are one. The Sales Board — November 20, Improves Conversion Rate!

    It will improve your conversion rate immediately. My Go-To Book! My go-to book for new and veteran sales professionals.

    Refreshing Approach! Make More Sales!

    New Action Selling

    Great for Sales Leaders and Sales People! The Sales Board — November 21, Effective Method for Handling Objections! The Sales Board — November 27, One Approach and Vision! Sales Training Workshops include: Certified Instructors, sales training videos, open-architecture workbooks, customized scenarios, group exercises and role play practice.

    So, I got the job…now what?! Download White Paper.

    The New Action Selling - Audio Book CD | Action Selling

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