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Modul Inggris Kelas 1 Sd - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), English for Second Grade of Elementary School (Buku materi Bahasa Inggris. materi bahasa inggris sd - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Englishfor3. rd. E l e m e n t a r y |1. Presented by tsabbitminami. a flag. 1. 2. .. Soal bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Mid Semester Genap tahun Pelajaran / Bahasa Inggris Kelas 1 Sd - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read online. CONTOH.

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Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 1 Sd Pdf

Modul B. Inggris SD KELAS - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Tony: Nice to meet you too. Arif: See you. B. Translate into Indonesian! 1. English for Second Grade of Elementary School (Buku materi Bahasa Inggris. materi cicenorthlare.tks 1. Nama: INDRIANI TRI SUSILOWATIKelas: I DNim: 10 Topik: Materi Bahasa Inggris kelas. MATERI AJAR BAHASA INGGRIS Kelas 1 semester ganjil tahun ajaran / Pertemuan Materi ajar 1. Hi, Friends 2. Introduce myself 3. Instructions.

Good evening digunakan untuk mengucapkan salam pada saat sore maupun malam hari. Good night digunakan jika kita berpisah dan akan pergi tidur. What are you doing here. Pronounce the expressions of greetings and partings below! You should go to bed. How are you? I have to go now. Good bye John. Hello hello how are you?

Emillia Moore c.

Materi Bahasa Inggris SMA

Suzy Moore d. Amanda Moore 3. How old is Mia? Where does Mia school? Strawberry elementary school b. Jasmine elementary school c. Strawberry kindergarten d. Jasmine kindergarten 5. What is Mias Brothers name? Jason Moore b. Taylor Moore c. What is your name? Ellen : hi. My name is Ellen. Nice to meet you Erika Ellen : nice to meet you too. Introducing someone Vanessa : hello Mandy, who is she?

Mandy : she is my sister. Vanessa : what is her name? Mandy : her name is Fairy Vanessa : pleased to meet you Fairy Fairy : pleased to meet you too Presented by tsabbitminami E n g l i s h f o r 4 t h E l e m e n t a r y 13 Vocabularies How are you? I am fine thank you Who is he? He is my father What is your name?

They take English classes. Tom comes from China. My Friend. Date of birth: Rio shares a room with Tom. Rio and Tom go to the same school. Rio I have a friend. He walks to school almost every day. Rio tries to teach Tom to speak a little Indonesian. He lives in a dormitory near school. Rio does not like Tom. Rio catches a bus to school when it is rainy outside. Rio is a girl. Rio goes to school by bus. Where does Rio come from? Write T if the statements are true and write F if the statements are false!

Choose the best answer! Tom cannot speak English Every day. Rio does not live near school. What language do Rio and Tome use to communicate? Rio is from Indonesia. Memorize the words below! Tom teaches Rio to speak Indonesian.. Rio and Tom go to the different school. How much water that you drink? In Indonesia is. I'm working right now. You can find wild animals and big trees in the Don't forget to..

The correct sentence is Kelas 4 WH-Question. Amanda adalah teman sekelasku. Dia pr sangat baik dan pintar. Amanda tidak bisa berenang. True False 3. Amanda bermain bersama teman-temannya. Amanda is my classmate. She does not like swimming. Dia pr berusia tiga belas tahun. She likes helping her friends.

Amanda plays with her friends. Amanda has many hobbies. Dia pr tinggal di Bandung. Amanda is short. Circle True or False! Answer the questions!

She has beautiful hair. Amanda is NOT short. Where does Amanda live? She is tall. Where does Amanda do homework? She is my best friend. She is very smart and nice. Amanda suka membaca dan bermain gitar. When does Amanda play with her friends? True False C. Amanda likes reading. After playing.

How old is Amanda? True False 4. Setiap sore. Amanda does not live in Margahayu. Dia pr adalah sahabatku. Dia pr suka menolong teman-temannya. Amanda is NOT my best friend. Amanda cannot swim. Amanda is very smart. Dia pr tinggi dan cantik. She is thirteen years old. True False 5. She lives in Margahayu. True False 2. Play tennis Play piano Draw She is playing tennis.

Write the time! How old are you? I am twelve years old. What is your nationality? I am Indonesian. What is your native language? My native language is Sundanese? Where do you live? I live in Garut. Where do you come from? I come from Jakarta. What is your religion? I am a Moslem. When were you born? I was born on March 2nd. What is your name? My name is Adelia. Asking Personal Information Read the conversation below!

Who do you live with? I live with my parents. Where do you study? I study in SDN Garut 1. West Java. I am fine. Where were you born? I was born in Jakarta.

My favorite food is fried rice. My favorite drink is orange juice. My favorite fruits are apple and grape. What is your telephone number? What is your hobby? My hobbies are studying and swimming. My favorite sport is valley ball. My favorite colors are red and white. How many sisters do you have? My favorite subject is Mathematics.

Do you like sport? How many brothers do you have? I have two brothers. My favorite vegetable is carrot. I take courses in foreign university.

Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 (1).pdf | Verb | Subject (Grammar)

Text 2: Seasons in Indonesia Indonesia has two seasons. Kelas 5 Reading Comprehension A. He is 20 years old. Text 1: Read the text below carefully! Mary is a nurse. They are wet season and dry season. While in dry season. In wet season.

My brother is a university student. I am 30 years old. She works in a hospital. The weather is cool. Actually my native language is English. My first name is William. I have a sister and a brother. I speak French pretty well and a little Japanese. He likes reading novels and he usually goes to the bookstore every weekend.

Antonym b. Nurse c. Put cross on the right answer! Farmer Modals: Arman is a farmer.

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Synonym 3. If you want to save your money. What is Indonesian national anthem? He is a…… a. Policeman d. He is teaching in the classroom. If you want to go to Kalimantan by ship. Teacher b. Synonym 2. Easy Vocabulary A. When is the Indonesian Independence Day? True or false! Jangan berkelahi dengan adikmu!

Jangan berbohong! Complete the sentences with must or must not! Jangan buang sampah sembarangan! Jangan membanting pintu! Jangan marah! Jangan menangis! Jangan mencontek! Jangan berisik! Jangan bermain di jalan! Jangan menyerah! Jangan berbicara kepada orang asing! Jangan memukul adikmu! Jangan malas! Jangan terlambat! Memorize the sentences below! Jangan bermain dengan api! Jangan membuka pintu!

Listen to the tape and write the word! Adjectives 1. My mother is older than your mother. My car is more expensive than your car. I am more beautiful than you.

I am more handsome than you. I am stronger than you. My house is bigger than your house. My father is taller than your father. I am smarter than you. Hendry My friend. What time does Hendry get up every morning? Have you got any children? He goes to school by public transport and he sometimes goes home by motorcycle with his uncle. After school he usually helps his parents.

I am in the middle. We all go to the mall on weekends. He always goes to school earlier than his friends. He gets up at 4. He is never absent. Are you married? My teachers like me. I am in the sixth grade. I'm not. We laugh. We tell jokes. They have a cloth store beside their house.

Reading Comprehension A. Life is great. What does Hendry do after school? Synonym 4. How many children do Mr. She comes from Medan. How long have you lived here? Where does the Jackson family live? Jackson do? What does Mr. His wife is an Indonesian. It has five rooms: Jackson have? Synonym 5. I am sorry. Thank you. Where does Mrs. The Jacksons has a house maid to help Mrs. Does the Jackson family have a house maid?

Jackson come from? The Jackson Family Mr. Jackson is an American teacher. How many bedrooms are there in Mr. He is a very good teacher. Jackson to do the house work. Jackson house? They have one son and one daughter. The maid comes from Bantul. I like your house. How does Hendry go to school? He teaches English at SMP 8. His students like him. Where does Mr. Yes No 2. She has a 30 minute break at 7 p. Please circle Yes or No! Yes No 4. Her work week is 40 hours.

She works 8 hours a day. Yes No 6. She has a 15 minute break at 7 p. Farmer Occupation A. Yes No. Read the story below! Isabel Isabel is a cashier. She works four days a week. Isabel is a cashier. She has Saturday and Sunday off. Isabel works 40 hours a week. My uncle has two children. Yes No 5. Yes No 3. She has two days off every week. She works 5 days a week. Yes No 7. She works 8 hours a week. She has two 15 minute breaks. Choose the words below to fill the blanks!

Write the correct word on the line. Isabel is a cleaner. She has Saturdays and Sundays off. She starts work in the morning. Please correct the mistakes! Isabel works 42 hours a week. One Two Three Four Five. Write the numbers in Ennglish! My hobby is studying. Where and when were you born? I was born in Jakarta on March 2nd. My favorite color is red. I live with my family. My name is Sasha. I have one brother. I am fifteen years old. Tom gets up at 10 o'clock. They talk and listen to music.

Fill the blanks. He has breakfast at On Sunday. In the afternoon. Tom plays tennis with his sister and after that. My favorite fruit is apple. Then he reads his newspaper in the kitchen.

Tom and his brother listen to music. Tom watches television in the evening and drinks a glass of Jack Daniel's whiskey. Correct those are wrong! His father lives in Scotland. Tom goes to bed at Tom reads the newspaper in the lounge. She lives with four people. He works at the hospital. She also has two pets. Carly has two pets.

Tom plays tennis with his sister. Scott is fourteen years old. Carly has two brothers. What time does he play tennis with his sister? Diego is a large. Tom gets up at 10am on Sundays. What time does Tom go to bed? Jinx is a small. What does Tom drink in the evening?

She cooks for the family. Where does his mother live? Tom goes swimming at five o'clock. He goes to bed at She drives the kids to soccer practice. James is ten years old. How long does Tom swim for? Carly loves her family! How does Tom go to his brother's house? Tom drives to his brother's house. Tom and his sister eat before playing tennis.

Tom drinks a glass of wine in the evening. He helps people who are sick. Who does he telephone in the morning? What time does Tom have breakfast on Sunday?

At the weekend. I am not married but I have a very beautiful girlfriend. Scott is older than James. My girlfriend is an actress. James is not younger than Scott. Ibu Carly bekerja di rumah. She acts in a small theatre in our town. Scott berusia empat belas tahun. I am 24 years old and I live in a small town near Sydney called Branton.

Carly mempunyai dua saudara laki-laki. Dia lk bekerja di rumah sakit. How old is James and Scott? Dia mengantar anak-anak ke latihan sepak bola.

Modul Inggris Kelas 1 Sd

Jinx is a cat. How many pets does Carly have? Are these statements true or false? Correct those that are wrong. I don't have a job now. Ben lives near Sydney. Dia juga memiliki dua hewan peliharaan. I normally get up at eight o'clock. Ben lives in Sydney. Ayah Carly adalah seorang dokter. James berusia sepuluh tahun. True or False?

Carly has two cats. Carly has a big family. Her name is Maria. Dia memasak untuk keluarga. Dia tinggal dengan empat orang. Carly memiliki sebuah keluarga besar. Ben doesn't have any children.

Bahasa Inggris kelas 4.pdf

When will they get married? Ben plays tennis on Thursdays. In the evening. Answer these questions about the "My Name Is Ben" reading. At the back of the house there is a small but very beautiful garden with different plants and flowers.

Next to the living room is the kitchen. Ben is single. Where does Ben come from? The bathroom and the living room are downstairs. Pedro likes to spend most of his time at home in his bedroom.

Do they have any children? What do they do at the weekend? What is Ben's girlfriend called? Ben gets up at eight o'clock usually. What does his girlfriend do?

He loves his room because he can see the sea from the window. Is Ben married? There are three bedrooms upstairs. How old is Ben? His father likes to spend his free time there. The kitchen is not modern but they have a new washing machine. When does Ben go running? Ben's girlfriend works in the local theatre. Ben gets up early on Thursdays. The house is not big but he likes it very much. They go swimming in the river at the weekend.

Ben is 26 years old. In the living room there is a lovely fireplace. He lives with his parents in Lisbon in an old house by the sea. Where does Ben live? Pedro usually goes to the beach in his free time. Ben's normal job is cleaning windows. Pedro lives with his parents and his sister. Pedro has a sister. Where is Pedro from? Answer the following questions from the text!

Complete the sentences from the text! Why does Pedro love his room? What does his father do in his free time? What does his family do the evening? Modul B. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. I am eleven years old. I study in SDN Garut 5. I have two sisters. Nice to meet you! Good evening! Nice to meet you too! Good night! Good bye! Aku mempunyai dua tangan. Aku mempunyai dua bibir. I have two eyes. Aku mempunyai dua kaki.

Aku mempunyai 28 gigi. Aku tidak bisa terbang.

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